One - Stop Heavy Transportation Service

Manufacturers of heavy equipment have typically needed to deal with a host of different contractors and service providers when making arrangements to transport their products to their client’s premises. CHL is now able to offer manufacturers a “one stop” service, which can include ALL the items on the HEAVYCON Charter Party Annex A work scope list.

Our Naval Architects not only carry out design and engineering work, but also attend at site to ensure that the designs are correctly fabricated; our Installation Superintendents then work closely with them to ensure correct and timely installation.

Focus on the Land / Marine Interface

CHL focuses on the land/marine interface, where the successful transportation of heavy structures and equipment requires not only first class marine and land transportation facilities, but a solid interface between the two. CHL is able to adopt the most efficient and economical methods available to ensure that Clients are provided with a worry free and cost effective transportation package, all managed by one singe entity.



Modern Project Management

Modern Project Management methods are applied to all our transportation work, with a focus on the safe and efficient conduct of all operations.

The service provided by CHL includes selection and chartering of suitable vessels, designing, fabricating and installing grillage and sea fastenings, carrying out the actual loading and discharging operations as well as computing motions and stresses on ship and cargo.

This can be carried out under fixed price contracts, which enable manufacturers to enjoy significant cost stability benefits, whilst having the assurance that their product’s transportation is being carried out to the highest professional standards.

Project Consultancy

Because of its presence in the Marine Heavy Transport market, CHL is able to offer consulting services to project Owners. These services include conceptual transportation synopses, cost estimations, and advice aimed at reducing ultimate project transportation costs and risks.