Our Health, Safety, Security & Environment Policy

Consolidated Heavy Lift Ltd operates in the Marine Environment.

This is a sensitive and demanding environment, which requires that our employees and sub-contractors are always fully aware of what it takes to carry out their tasks on a safe and professional manner, having due regard for the health, safety and security of their workmates and respect for their environment.

Hazard Identification Study (HAZID)

A HAZID covering Occupational, Operational and External exposures shall be accomplished prior to the commencement of all new projects, the output of which shall be agreed and emplaced by those responsible and verified by the Company Management.


Commitment to HSE

The management of the Company is committed to maintaining a safe and secure work place, and to taking all available steps to protect our environment.

All personnel and sub-contractors shall be encouraged to participate actively in accident prevention awareness training, and remain personally involved in maintaining an accident free work place.

Investigation & Corrective Actions

Any accident or near miss shall be fully investigated by Company Management, and the result of such investigation and any corrective actions shall be disseminated to all concerned.

Capt. Jon Elliott

Managing Director